Universal Remote from Custom Audio | Erie, PA

Custom Audio is taking your Erie PA home theater experience to a whole new level by giving you full control over the whole affair. Imagine not having to leave the couch to make any adjustments to the theater aura. Go beyond the basic remote control and viewing experience by dimming the lights, lowering the shades and starting the show all from the press of a button on a single, easy-to-use remote. Your guests will no doubt be impressed!


If you have any other plans for your home theater systems, like utilizing it strictly for audio for party entertainment, the universal remote installation can give you control from the touchscreen on your iPad, tablet or smart phone. That is what we at Custom Audio Erie PA call the paramount and unsurpassable home theater experience. We want to make sure you get nothing less than perfect.


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The Universal Remote Control exceeds the convenience in your relaxing home theater experience with its many capabilities in your hands!





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