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Custom Audio has conjoined with incredible projector industry experts like Epson to bring movie-theater-quality picture and sound straight to your Erie PA home. Enjoy your favorite motion pictures in the comfort of your own home, at your own time, with your own snacks! It’s perfect for relaxing “you” time, bonding family movie night, or entertaining when the kids have friends over! Our proper installation is necessary for maximum cinematic enjoyment and quality.Epson Home Theater Projector


Begin your projection project journey by choosing from one of our film screens. Our products are sure to impress as they highlight vivacious picture on the big screen. Our HD projectors showcase outstanding theater-quality performance. With a range of 3D enhancements, on-point color management and sharp and smooth fast-moving images, you’re going to be transported from the comfort of Erie PA to the adrenaline of Hollywood itself.


Don’t forget to connect your source to a killer sound system! We have your back by offering a wide range of speakers for your sound preferences. Delight in a stellar performance with products dedicated to sound quality. 

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Be guided through the perfect screen selections with Stewart Filmscreen’s “Select My Screen” process to find the screen that’s just right for you!





Epson LogoGet HD and 3D visual sensations with an Epson projector for stunning images and incredibly low levels of eye fatigue so you can revel in the entire performance!





JVC Projectors Custom Audio Erie PA JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated video products. Their projectors are among the best for a home theather application. 







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