Commercial Installation from Custom Audio | Erie, PA

Custom Audio, in Erie PA, offers a range of commercial installation features for your residency, business, places of education and entertainment and more. Our professionals can bring luxury and elegance to you at any of your preferred locations, increasing your living standards and the living standards of those you are around. Technology is rapidly growing to make your life easier, so take advantages of the benefits that Custom Audio is offering you. Make experiences better and more memorable with products from prominent experts in the industry. Commercial Installation


Increase the luxury of your conference room to impress clients and employees with high-quality, 3D projectors from Mitsubishi. Enhance your entertainment location with incredible, glossy amplifiers and subwoofers to your speaker systems from JL Audio for customers to dance the night away to perfect musicality, and fascinate with fun lighting shows. Simplify life across walls at your leisure with a touch of a button with Universal Remote Control systems, and save energy by turning lights off from remote distances. We even take it outdoors with lightweight, portable speaker systems from Soundcast that can be used to entertain in your backyard, or at the beach! Whether you’re looking for something that adds comfort, or extravagance, Custom Audio can install it properly for you!