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isimple offers many solutions to integrate your smartphone or audio device to your stock radio system. The TranzIt USB from isimple is the perfect way to add USB and AUX to any vehicle, wheter it's a stock radio or aftermarket. With the Universal TranzIt BLU HF — using Bluetooth technology and your Smartphone's Voice Recognition application (Siri or Google Now) you can initiate hands-free calling, launch navigation, music streaming or any other application. This device is installed behind the dash and is compatible with any car.





Stinger Electronics Custom Audio in Erie PAStinger Elecrtonics makes high quality car audio accessories that include but not limited to car audio wiring, distrobution, fusing and power supply. They make some of the best products in the industry. We sell wire by the foot,spool or in a kit, and we have many different fuses, distrobution blocks, RCA's and other various accessories.



Stinger Wire Custom Audio in Erie PA 




We have various sizes of wire on hand in our store. We stock 1/0 gauge, 4 gauge, 8 gauge, 12 gauge speaker wire,16 gauge speaker wire and 9 conductor speaker wire. 





We also stock all different lengths and configurations of RCA cables.

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