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Remote Car Starters

Save yourself from chiseling inches of ice off your vehicle's windows and prying open doors frozen shut during Erie's 9 months of winter. A reliable, state-of-the-art remote car starter from Compustar professionally installed by Custom Audio in Erie, PA is an investment you will appreciate every day. Choose from a wide selection of remotes or even use your cell phone to start your vehicle from virtually anywhere!

Car Audio Systems

Cruise down the streets of Erie, PA, or wherever your next road trip takes you, with a whole new musical experience. Don’t let ear-piercing audio quality of outdated stereo systems ruin your favorite songs! Custom Audio’s car speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers enhance the sound quality of your own music, or radio tunes to the highest level. Whether you’re cruising downtown with the volume cranked up, or at a mild sound level, our speakers will provide clear and efficient sound.

Home Audio Systems

Dance your way down the hall across rooms, or just lounge on a comfy couch while doing work to smooth tunes with a home audio system. Custom Audio in Erie, PA, provides a range of luxurious speaker systems that range from single room features, to multi-room for entertaining everyone, to outdoor audio for enjoying the clear sunny skies. Our amplifiers and speakers enhance sound quality, and look pretty great! Our products come from the only the top notch experts in the industry.

Home Theater Systems

Ever wonder what it feels like to be in a Hollywood film? Custom Audio in Erie, PA has Home Theater features that can transport you into the excitement of any feature film through incredible surround sound quality and superb visual experiences. Enjoy the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home with your own snacks. With 3D enhancements, sharp fast-moving images and the ability to dim the lights at your leisure, you’ll have the movie experience of your life.

Control Systems

Try out the newest intelligent light control systems to control your home lighting from miles away! Or dim the lights to set the mood during a movie night or evening of relaxation. As if this was only as easy as life gets, share your device files and printers through a high-speed wireless networking system. Sharing is caring, after all. Don’t forget to safety proof your home or business with a high quality security camera system from Custom Audio in Erie, PA to keep out intruders!

Mobile Electronics Systems

From GPS tracking, light kits and rear sight cameras for increased safety, to Bluetooth services and door/trunk kits for effortless sound quality, our professionals are looking out for you. No one said Custom Audio in Erie, PA just limits itself to home and car customized audio systems. Update your boats and bikes with audio systems for everlasting musical entertainment at your leisure. Whether you’re trying to entertain, or make your brilliant lights noticeable, we have the products for you!

Commercial Installations

Upgrade your business with state of the art technology from Custom Audio in Erie, PA. Allow your clientele to listen to great sound throughout your company with an easy to use multi-room audio system. Keep your guests entertained and informed while they wait with a commercial flat panel. Bring your team’s ideas to life with reliable, easy to use audio video solutions for your board room. No project is too large or too small for Custom Audio.

DIY Supplies

Custom Audio in Erie, PA has all of your DIY Supplies for any home audio or car system projects. Our team of professionals will help you select the best products for your project and offer their expert service to assist you.

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